How To Plan Awesome Watercolor Art

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Learn how to paint awesome watercolor art using a four-step approach! Designed for those who enjoy watercolors but lack the skills for developing high-quality paintings.

Discover how to paint gorgeous watercolor art using an easy-to-follow 4 step process. This no-nonsense, step-by-step class is suited for all watercolorists looking to develop a workflow that gets results every single time.


  • 4 Steps for how to plan your art
  • 6 Examples for developing "the why"
  • 6 Practical design & composition guidelines
  • 6 Value hierarchy examples
  • 2 Easy methods for developing color harmony
  • 11 Examples for how to approach your subjects
  • 6 Step-by-step finished painting demonstrations
  • 3 Assignments to test your skills
  • 9 Student critiques for fixing common issues


  • Beginner and aspiring watercolorists that want to take action right now and start developing a better way to approach how you use watercolors.
  • Artists that enjoy painting from photo references and plein air but end up painting in circles
  • Anyone who wants a reliable process for making better watercolor art more consistently

Disclaimer: Your results aren't guaranteed but if you work diligently you will surpass your wildest expectations


  • 62 Detailed video tutorials
  • 7 Step-by-step demonstrations for creating amazing finished art
  • 7 High-res images of finished art
  • 11 Design & composition reference images
  • Lifetime access to content and future updates

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Robert Joyner is a self-taught artist from Goochland, Virginia. In addition to being a prolific teacher and painter, he works for many popular brands such as Kentucky Derby, Carnival Cruise Lines, 555 Steak House, and CBS to name a few. He paints full-time from his home studio and teaches over 20,000 students with his online classes. He's a happy husband and father of three kids that keep him busy when he's not slinging paint :)

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How To Plan Awesome Watercolor Art

0 ratings
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