Embracing Imperfection - The Art Of Painting Loose

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Hi, I'm Robert Joyner. And I've created Embracing Imperfection - The Art Of Painting Loose for people like you that want to loosen up and make art fun! This is an ideal class for all mediums but I will use watercolor and acrylics in the demonstrations.

If you've always wanted to...

  • Learn to break away from unnecessary details that only clutter your artwork.
  • Develop the mindset and skills that will allow you to paint more expressively.
  • Learn why so many artists can paint loosely with ease.

Then this course is for you!

  • Develop the right attitude that allows you to paint quickly without all the fuss.
  • Discover how to select right materials for the job.
  • Techniques for painting quickly.
  • Develop the necessary skills to paint loose complex scenes with confidence.

Course Includes;

  • 22 details video lessons
  • Over 3 hours of video tutorials
  • Demos in acrylic & watercolor
  • 3 assignments
  • Ask questions & get answers


That was totally amazing! This is the type of painting style that I would like to achieve and I've been looking for a teacher/tutorial for so long but not successfully. Robert shows the entire process that results in a complex loose painting. I really like the way he encourages the viewer repeatedly to let go of the imperfections (so difficult for me but I'll try) to get that looseness in the painting. Definitely a great teacher!

Jean P.

This class has already exceeded my expectations and I'm only part way through. Robert clarifies, simplifies, and demystifies what you should focus on to work more loosely. His demonstrations bring the point home very effectively. I tried painting the way he suggested and it works. This is just what I was looking for! Highly recommend!

Keren D.

I want this!
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Embracing Imperfection - The Art Of Painting Loose

1 rating
I want this!